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Assessments & Awards

To ensure learning outcomes are achieved, Wült assessments points are regular, comprehensive and always encompassed by our methodology of work applied learning.


Each Wült diploma curriculum has 10 unit assessments which relies on written submissions from students to be either typed directly into the portal or uploaded. Once in the internal system, each assessment is individually assessed by a Wült academic as well as processed through plagiarism software to assess authenticity and integrity.


A 2500 word essay is required to be submitted upon completion of unit 10 of each Wült program. Students are free to choose a topic that align with units covered in the course but needs to apply the theory into practice within an organization they work for, or an organization that they are familiar with. Like with unit assessments, final essays are graded and assessed in person by Wült academics as well as put through rigorous integrity and reference checks.


At the end of the program, and upon receipt of the final essay grade, Wült students has to undertake a 4 hour long written examination. Each exam poses 6 questions and students have to answer 4.

There is little difference between Wült’s examination and traditional classroom settings. By employing the latest technology Wült’s online student portal can ensure the integrity of each examinations taken, no matter where in the world.

Proctor software allows Wült to take advantage of the latest advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for remote identity verification of students and proctoring of their examinations – a method used by many leading universities and global institutes.

Critical Exam Indicator Data (CEID’s) are processed in real time, then analysed by two human proctors which aggregated the exam integrity into an index that is submitted with the exam to a Wült academic.


Upon successful completion of a Wült diploma program with an aggregated 70% mark (explained here), students officially graduate and will receive a physical parchment (link sample here) via an express courier such as DHL or UPS. Moreover, students will be registered as a Wült alumni with all the added honors, benefits and prestige.

Want to Know More?

Wült programs though flexible are rigorous. Ensuring course learning outcomes are achieved is at the core of our teaching methodology. Should you wish to know more about the Wült academic constructs and  how we ensure our students are employ-ready upon graduation, feel free to contact our support staff.