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Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management

Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management

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This course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the concepts and practice of integrated logistics management including the contribution that logistics makes to the effectiveness of the supply chain. This broad subject focuses holistically on the management and control of the positioning and the flow of goods and services within the supply chain infrastructure. Topics include: customer relationship management, procurement, integrated logistics operations and supply chain design.


  • Author: Bowersox, Donald
  • View: See Amazon here
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
  • Print ISBN: 9780078024054, 0078024056
  • eText ISBN: 9780077769123, 0077769120
  • Edition: 4th
  • Price: Free for Wült students


 On completion of this diploma participants should be able to:Assessed in written assignmentAssessed in exam
Knowledge LOsDemonstrate advanced understanding of logistics management concepts and describe the role of logistics operations in modern business systems. xx
Explain organizational logistics objectives and know how to measure their operational and financial performance. xx
Describe the complexities of and understand how to manage integration of logistics operations in local, global and virtual synchronised supply chains. xx
Define and explain the role and objective of logistics management in facilitating customer service in the supply chain. xx
Skills LOsAnalyse and address complex logistics management problems in areas of inventory, transportation, warehousing and materials handling. xx
Design and improve logistics operations for cost effectiveness, performance, and competitive advantage. xx
Application LOsApply logistics management concepts and theories to recommend improvement to a local company’s logistics operationx


SCM U1 - Intro to Logistics Management SCM U2 - Customer relationship management SCM U3 - Procurement and manufacturing SCM U4 - Integrated operations planning SCM U5 - Inventory in the logistics system SCM U6 - Transportation SCM U7 - Warehousing packaging and handling SCM U8 - Supply chain logistics design SCM U9 - Logistics performance measurement SCM U10 - Assignment & Exam

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