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Advanced Diploma in Project Management

Advanced Diploma in Project Management

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This course provides advanced skills and knowledge required to plan, manage and close projects that achieve the goals and objectives on time, within cost and to the quality required, regardless of the line of business or industry. Topics covered include: project life-cycle; scope management and work breakdown structure; project scheduling using the critical chain approach; project resourcing; project control: managing project quality; planning and managing project risks; performance measurement and managing project teams.


  • Author: Erik Larson
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  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
  • Print ISBN: 9781259666094, 1259666093
  • eText ISBN: 9781259924583, 1259924580
  • Edition: 7th
  • Price: Free for Wült students


 On completion of this diploma participants should be able to:Assessed in written assignmentAssessed in exam
Knowledge LOsDescribe the nature and scope of project management. x
Demonstrate understanding of the principles of project human resource management, communication and team management. xx
Skills LOsConstruct project scheduling networks and present these using relevant project graphics. xx
Identify a project’s risk factors and apply appropriate project risk management concepts and tools to address risk. xx
Application LOsApply contemporary project management concepts to a wide variety of industry and organisational projects. xx
Utilize principles of project cost estimating, cost analysis and control in actual projects. x


SPM U1 – Introduction to modern project management SPM U2 – Defining the project SPM U3 – Estimating project times and costs SMP U4 - Developing a project plan SPM U5 - Managing risk in project management SPM U6 - Scheduling resources and costs SPM U7 - Reducing project duration SPM U8 - Managing project teams SPM U9 - Progress and performance measurement and evaluation SPM U10 - Project oversight SPM - Assignment & Exam

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