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Advanced Diploma in Strategic Leadership

Advanced Diploma in Strategic Leadership

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The objective of this course is to enable students to make a systematic study of the dynamics of leadership and the impact of leadership on the behaviour of individuals and groups within an organisational setting. It complements the Strategic Human Resource Management diploma by focusing on role of leadership in establishing organisational direction and culture and using skills, behaviours, power and influence strategies to build corporate capability.


  • Author: Richard Hughes
  • View: See Amazon here
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
  • Print ISBN: 9780077862404, 0077862406
  • eText ISBN: 9780077760618, 0077760611
  • Edition: 8th
  • Price: Free for Wült students


 On completion of this diploma participants should be able to:Assessed in written assignmentAssessed in exam
Knowledge LOsUnderstanding the fundamental nature of leadership and the complementary relationship between leadership and management. xx
Understanding the Interaction Model of Leadership as a foundational model for the discussion of leadership. xx
Manage change - the importance of character versus charisma in effective leadership xx
Comprehensive understanding of multiple intelligences with particular emphasis on emotional intelligence and creative intelligence. xx
Skills LOsStrategy in leadershipxx
Adaptive leadership. xx
Application LOsApply strategic leadership theory and knowldge in the workplace. x


STM U1 - Understanding leadership and ways to develop leadership STM U2 - The Interaction Model - leaders, followers and the situation STM U3 - Power and influence STM U4 - Ethics, values and attitudes STM U5 - Leadership attributes STM U6 - Leadership behaviour STM U7 - Motivation, satisfaction and performance STM U8 - Leadership of teams and groups STM U9 - Leadership and organisational change STM U10 - Leadership skills STM U11 - Assignment & Exam

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