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International Scholarship Program

Wült has an extensive scholarship portfolio for international students which aims to reward excellence and promote diversity among our student body.

Same Program

There is no difference in Wült scholarship awardee courses and full tuition paying student courses.

Free Textbooks

All course textbooks are provided free of charge for scholarship awardees, even shipping is covered.

No Tuition Fees

There are no tuition fees when attending Wült on a scholarship – ensuring accessibility to everyone.

Education Should Have No Borders


At Wült we believe education is the solution to many of life’s difficulties, no matter where you call home. This is why a driving force in our institute is  to make top class, fully funded education available to students from challenging economic environments.

Free Applications

Students from countries with developing economies may submit free scholarship applications for any of Wült’s academic programs

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Submit Anytime

At Wült there are no specific start dates for programs, thus scholarship applications can be submitted anytime.

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Easy Process

With simple online applications and no excessive requirements, applying for a Wült scholarship is simple, fast and efficient.

Do I Qualify?

Fast Response

The Wült Admissions Board typically meets every two weeks which means scholarship processes are constantly reviewed and awarded

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The Numbers

The Wült Care Trust (WCT) allocated significant financial resources in the 2018 / 2019 academic year.  This commitment has made it possible for numerous Wült International Remote Scholarships to be processed and awarded. At present, our commitment is as follows :


Scholarship Awards


Euros in Tuition and Fees