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A Global Succession Planning Partner

At Wült, we understand the pressure international organisations face in terms of succession planning for their remote strategic business units. For this reason,  Wült is a preferred educational provider for many international organisations.


With international workers visa’s depending on the proven training and development of local staff, Wült is your go to partner in providing world class supported education remotely.


Choosing Wült as an educational provider, organisations can rest assured that employee progress is statistically measured, tracked and documented every step of the way.

Everything Needed

As an educational provider, Wült provides organisations with everything needed to ensure strategic positions get filled, on time.

Progress Reports

Knowing the importance of documenting your employees personal development, Wült provides its partners with detailed periodic reports (sample below)

A Complete Solution

From facilitating student registration to issuing of textbooks and ultimately coordinating delivery of parchments, Wült has you covered every step of the way.

Total Management

One student or many, Wült has the infrastructure to manage specific partner needs from student registration to graduation, flawlessly.

Dedicated Contact

Sometimes a human touch is needed to ensure the right information reaches the right person. Wült provides partners with a dedicated contact for all those situations where technology is not enough.

Flexible Registration

Given succession planning change and personal development plans are amended, Wült provides partners with the flexibility to register students anytime.

Platform Access

Understanding the need of remote locations to access student progress on the fly, Wült offers platform access to employers with up to date data (coming soon).

Wült Pulse In Action

No matter if it’s a live student / employee check-in, detailed statistical analysis or algorithmic projections of student progress and completion dates, Pulse has you covered. See a demo here.